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Earrings Silver Colour Elephant

Price £6.95

Rainbow Crystals bring light and life into your home! The sunlight will be fragmented through the many cut faces, into rainbow colours, projected and dancing throughout the room. If you wish to set up house according to Feng Shui, these crystals are a must have. Even the toughest corners can be...

Earrings Chevron Amethyst/Rock Crystal With Lotus -- 8Mm

Price £6.50

Elegant earrings made from chevron amethyst and rock crystal, with lotus. Chevron amethyst is a combination of milk quartz and amethyst. It is a powerful stone that relaxes, calms and promotes peaceful sleep. Opens the third eye. Also used in spiritual journeys. Rock crystal is a powerful healing...

Earrings Fluorite/Amethyst With Tree Of Life -- 8Mm

Price £6.50

Elegant earrings made from fluorite and amethyst, with tree of life. Fluorite is also called fluorspar. The stone occurs in nature in many colors, caused by the different trace elements that it may contain. Fluorite is very suitable in these days because it cleans and protects from...

Earrings Garnet/Rose Quartz With Heart -- 8Mm

Price £6.50

Elegant earrings made from garnet and rose quartz, with heart. Garnet is a very hard stone that is formed in the deepest layers of the earth. Garnet is known for igniting survival instincts and willpower; it is therefore a good counterweight to depressive and despondent feelings. The stone...

Earrings Rock Crystal/Amethyst + Flower Of Life -- 8Mm

Price £6.50

Elegant earrings made from rock crystal and amethyst, with flower of life.  Rock crystal or clear quartz, is a powerful healing stone and energiser. It stimulates clear thinking and perception. It supports you to connect with your inner wisdom. Purifies and strengthens both the energetic and...

Earrings Rose Quartz/Strawberry Quartz With Heart -- 8Mm

Price £6.50

Elegant earrings made from rose quartz and strawberry quartz, with heart. Strawberry quartz is the pink variety of quartz and it contains a mixture of goethite and iron oxide, which infuse the crystalline matrix. Its colour ranges from light to darker pink. Strawberry quartz carries all the...