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Eggs & Spheres

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Small Selenite Sphere

Price £10.95

Beautiful selenite sphere which can be used as an ornament or for scrying H:5cm W:5cm D:5cm

Small Orange Selenite Sphere

Price £10.95

This orange selenite sphere is both visually stunning and a powerful tool in reiki, meditation and yoga for cleansing negative energies and boosting self-esteem. Approximately 5cm in diameter.

Ovo de Ema Golden Triangle stones AA quality 30-40mm

Price £0.00

Golden triangle: Amethyst - Rock Crystal - Rose Quartz  The miracle that is called “the golden triangle”, refers to the combination of three gemstones that generate an optimal energy flow by placing them in your living room. These three stones are amethyst, rock crystal and rose quartz. Why three...

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Labradorite Dragon Eggs

Price £7.95

Rainbow Crystals bring light and life into your home! The sunlight will be fragmented through the many cut faces, into rainbow colours, projected and dancing throughout the room. If you wish to set up house according to Feng Shui, these crystals are a must have. Even the toughest corners can be...