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Natural Crystals up to 70mm

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Rose Quartz Rock Rough Crystal Small Piece

Price £2.95

Rose quartz is considered to be one of the most beautiful of all natural gemstones. It is known as the ‘love stone’ and most commonly occurs in its natural form of chunky masses rather than as crystals. Each piece measures approximately 3-5cm.

Amethyst Pine Cluster Extra Quality

Price £9.95

.Amethyst Pine Cluster Extra Quality Crystal Type: Amethyst, Quartz Crystal Details: Amethyst is the purple variety of Quartz. The purple colouration is due to ferrous iron impurities. Amethyst is found worldwide. Average Weight: 40g Average Size: 45mm This product is sold individually. The size,...

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Small White Quartz Geode

Price £12.95

Impressive small white quartz geode, approximately 9cm across which would look beautiful as an ornament around the home. Please note that these geodes are naturally sourced so sizes and weights will differ slightly from those shown.

Clear Quartz Extra Quality Cluster

Price £15.95

Extra quality Clear Quartz cluster Crystal Type: Clear Quartz/Rock Crystal Average Pack Weight: 55g Average Size: 55mm This product is sold individually. The size, shape and colour of the product you will receive may differ slightly from the product shown in the image.  

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Assorted Mineral Tray

Price £25.00

Assorted Mineral Tray contains approximately 12 pieces which may include Green Quartz, Orchid Calcite, Rose Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Red Jasper, Diopsite, Orange Calcite, Blue Quartz, Crystal, Lepidolite, Carijo Jasper and Amethyst. Each piece measures approximately 2cm – 5cm. Please note this...