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Natural Crystals up to 70mm

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Natural Smokey Quartz Elestial 2-3" Brazil (1 Piece)

Price £21.95

Rainbow Crystals bring light and life into your home! The sunlight will be fragmented through the many cut faces, into rainbow colours, projected and dancing throughout the room. If you wish to set up house according to Feng Shui, these crystals are a must have. Even the toughest corners can be...

Clear Quartz Extra Quality Cluster

Price £15.95

Extra quality Clear Quartz cluster Crystal Type: Clear Quartz/Rock Crystal Average Pack Weight: 55g Average Size: 55mm This product is sold individually. The size, shape and colour of the product you will receive may differ slightly from the product shown in the image.  

Labradorite Jumbo Tumblestones 60-70mm

Price £15.95

Labradorite is a stone with beautiful colours that protects and strengthens the aura. Highly sensitive persons benefit from wearing labradorite when they have to be in a crowded environment. Labradorite also helps to be in contact with both the worldly and spiritual dimensions. For shamans and...

Small White Quartz Geode

Price £12.95

Impressive small white quartz geode, approximately 9cm across which would look beautiful as an ornament around the home. Please note that these geodes are naturally sourced so sizes and weights will differ slightly from those shown.

Carnelian Jumbo Tumblestones 60-70mm

Price £11.95

Carnelian is a powerful stone for those who want to increase their self-esteem and to convert creative ideas into actions. Transforms the habit of doubting into courage and decisiveness. Physically, carnelian has a positive effect on digestion, female reproductive organs, fertility, back,...

Citrine Natural Points - 40-60mm

Price £4.95

Brazilian citrine is a semi-precious gemstone which forms when Amethyst is subjected to great heat such as in volcanos. These pieces range from 40 - 60mm.