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34cm Hanging Goddess Crystal

Price £8.99

This beautiful blue faceted crystal hangs on a clear thread decorated with blue beads and a silver-effect Goddess charm. The Goddess symbol is percieved as a female deity across many different cultures and religions and is often linked with beauty, love, motherhood and fertility.

'Lakshmi' Handmade Rose Lepidolite 5 Strand Wrap Boho Cuff...

Price £19.95

Beautiful and incredibly stylish 5 wrap Boho style 'Lakshmi' braided leather bracelet. This one is handmade with stunning Rose Lepidolite at it's centre and other beads that change with every wrap.Lakshmi - Hindu) - Goddess of abundance of material and spiritual wealth. Her name is derived from...

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Calcite Geodes - 8-9 cm

Price £12.95

Whole Calcite Geode that has been carefully split to reveal crystals inside. Calcite increases and amplifies energy. This makes it an excellent stone for distance healing, as well as other types of healing. Calcite comes in multiple different colors which makes ideal to work with your...

Gemstone Buddha - Opalite

Price £9.95

Gemstone Buddha – Opalite hand carved and presented in a plush velvet pouch. This tactile and beautiful piece is wonderful to own. A Truly object of desire, you will love to collect all of them. Of course, that our Gemstone Buddha has been hand carved from gemstone means every piece that bit...

3″ Fossilstone Penguins

Price £9.95

These attractive penguins have been hand-carved from stone formed over thousands of years in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains. Each marble penguin is unique and they make a great gift idea for adults and children alike.