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Chakra Incense Cones - Sacral Chakra

Price £4.95

Beautifully packaged chakra incense cones in seven variations. Each variation represents one of the seven chakras; Strawberry for Root, Orange for Sacral, Lemon for Solar Plexus, Mint for Heart, Lavender for Throat, Blueberry for Third Eye and Blackberry for Crown.

Aromafume Chakra smokeless incense bricks 2nd chakra -- 40g

Price £3.95

Aromafume Incense Bricks Swadhishtana, nine pieces per box.  In order to avoid smoke and to only release the fragrance these can only be used in combination with an Exotic Incense Diffuser. These are designed specifically to reach the adequate temperature for aroma diffusion of Aromafume Incense...

Gemstone Pendant Moonstone

Price £10.95

Simple, Elegant, Stylish and effective, these Moonstone Gemstone Pendants are available with either the standard silver plated 18 inch chain or the optional sterling silver 18 inch chain.